Asia Pacific Press (APP) is a specialist press agency covering news, videos, pictures features and business analysis from across the Indian sub continent, Southeast Asia and the Far East. With offices in London, Hong Kong and Manila, the APP news wire provides insightful print and broadcast quality coverage from across the region. Our team has been producing incredible content for more than 50 years - setting the agenda in the media across the world.

Our net positive platform is all about getting the best deal for you and your content, democratizing the media landscape so independent photographers and filmers earn seamlessly for their productions and output. The platform and technology on APP connects you directly with the world's biggest publishers including AP, Reuters, the BBC and more - making sure that your content goes further.

You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built in the human plan. We come with it

- Margaret Atwood


Our mission is to provide the best specialist coverage of the region - the stories that matter to everybody. In doing this, we bring together more than 500 contributors to create a newswire of agenda-setting material - plus lots more in between. Our mission always has been and always will be to break down the barriers between the mass media and the independent man or woman on the street. Providing a transparent conduit from the event to the publisher. We don't want to get in the way of the story - let the content speak for itself.

With our incredible platform, bringing together the best features from all the wire agencies on the planet, we can ensure that everyday filmers and news agencies are rewarded for their work.


Our vision is you - we need you onboard to make everything a success. With Asia Pacific Press, we can change and improve the media landscape across the region for decades to come.

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